Is your blog memorable? Three key tips to consider

Whether a person visits 1 site or 100 sites a day, you want your site to be the one they remember. How do you achieve this? First let’s play a game:

Pick the first thing that comes to mind in each of these categories:

  • A type of flower
  • A color
  • A piece of furniture

Alright now that you have picked the first thing that comes to mind. I’m going to tell you what you picked. Why can I do this? Because of association. The more you encounter something, the faster the mind can recognize it. Therefore, the more often someone see your colors, fonts, face, logo (aka your brand) when they visit your site, the better they will recall and remember your site. The mind is predictable and what you most often see or hear will become the first thing you think of. Association is a powerful technique and it’s why you can instantly recognize the Target or Nike logo. You have seen these logos so many times that they are easily recognizable.

Now back to the game. The game shows the power of association. The more common the item, the faster you recall it. Therefore, the most well known is what you pick. You will have picked a rose or daisy for flower. Red or blue for a color. A sofa (couch) or chair for a piece of furniture.

So, in addition to now being able to wow your friends with this fun little game, lets use that same power of association to ensure your site is memorable. You goal is for them to see your colors, fonts, face, logo or anything else essential to your brand as many times as possible (in a good way).

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Do you have a color scheme?

From the moment a reader opens your site, you want to train their eyes to see the elements of the page that are your site. For example, when reading a post, you want them to see the subscribe form as you and not an ad.

To start, you want them to see your site colors throughout your site and not just on your logo. Here are some places to place color

  • Logo
  • Background of a menu
  • Words on a menu
  • Follow buttons
  • Titles
  • Headers
  • Subheaders
  • In-text links
  • Subscribe forms
  • Subscribe or Buy Buttons
  • Pins

Study color on every site you open

What colors should you use is a popular topic because everyone wants to know they are using the best color for their audience. There is a lot of theory behind color. Additionally, you can use color calculators to pick them.

I have found that you can end up worse off from trying to pick the best colors this way. It is so hard to look at two or three swatches of color and know how it will look throughout your site. Therefore, I don’t recommend that.

Instead, one great way to learn what colors work best and what would work for your topic and vibe is to “shop” around on other sites. Take note of what colors they are using and how they are using them. You get to see the colors in action. You also get to see what color choice people who are in your niche are using.

Use a photo as inspiration

If you know you want a specific vibe or color set, find a photo that has those colors. For example, you could use a picture of nature if you wanted a serene feeling. Next, bring that photo into paint. Click the eye dropper and then click on the color you are interested in.

Now you will see the color as color 1. Click edit colors and a box will open with the color details. You want the RGB (red, green and blue) numbers.

You will most likely need to convert it to a HEX number for your site, which you can do by typing into google “RGB to Hex”. A converter will show up and type in the RGB and your Hex number will appear.

Balancing color is key

I like to use a two-color scheme with one “pop” color and a more calm color. I usually follow an 80/20 rule but do what is looks best for your site. I have found that this method is very popular just from looking at a lot of sites.

For example, let’s say I choose blue and orange. While blue might work well for a background, it would be an awful color for in-text links because it doesn’t stand out. Additionally, too much orange can become overwhelming and loud very quickly.

Use color to get more clicks

Button color on subscribe forms can also make a big difference. You want that button to stand out and draw attention. However, you still want the button and form to look like your site. A big mistake is to use as loud of a color as possible.

People have become so use to ads that they don’t see them. So, your biggest hurdle in getting subscribers is to ensure they actually see your form. Utilize your colors all over your site and on your form.

Is there any color on your mobile version?

I see this so often. All of the color you add to give your blog a pretty, cohesive, branded look is all in the side bars. Be sure to get your color theme throughout the post. Remember 80% of users are mobile. Headers, in-text links, and logo on images is a great start.

Do you have a font scheme?

When starting my first blog, I was so excited to pick my colors but I didn’t really give font choice much thought. I didn’t even know there was so much behind font choices. In fact, some logos are only text.

The biggest decisions on font come with the logo and the main text font. You want to avoid busy and super cursive fonts. Remember that for a logo, you want it to clear and easily read. Don’t allow it to become too busy with color, design or font choices.

When you pick a font for the text (headings, subheadings and body), try to go for one that you can read for days. If your reader is irritated by the text font, then that alone might make them leave. To pick a good font, see what other sites do.

Go to really big sites that you like and look at the font they are using. To do this, highlight words on the site, then right click. Click inspect. In the window with the colored boxes, there should be a line called font family. You can expand it by clicking on the arrow. The font name should be there.

Are you the brand?

A lot of blogs are centered around the author, especially lifestyle. On majority of blogs, there are photos of you, your family and your life. Therefore, a reader while reading a post can now recognize your face. In addition to having your photo in the about section and on your social media profiles, you can include it next to your logo (as part of your logo) and on subscribe forms.

Let me explain.

If you only have your headshot with about section that is on the side bar, then all of your mobile readers never see that. That is unless they scroll all the way down to the end of your post, but most will not.

However, if you put that headshot on the side of your logo, mobile readers will also see it. You can also consider putting a byline with a headshot photo right after the title of your post. Not a fan of that option? Then try adding images that show your face near the beginning of each post.

Now when they see a subscribe form in the post (with a headshot of you), their brain will register the form as part of your site and not an ad. Furthermore, they will start to recognize you on pin images and other social media platforms.

Now start trial and error

The absolute best way to improve your site, its look and how well people remember it is to start making your brand a priority. Go to a bunch of other sites and pay attention to the color choices, placement, fonts, and usage of images (specifically of themselves).

After that, open your own site up on mobile and make a list of ideas on how you can improve your personal brand. As you start to mess around with these things, you will start to see how they alter the overall appearance of the site and what starts to stand out.

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