How to Actually Pick a Blog Name

The day I decided to start my very first blog, I couldn’t wait to pick a name. That was until I realized that there are millions of blogs and practically every domain name is already taken. I needed to get creative.

A major dilemma with picking your name is that you have to pick it before you start your blog. This means you pick it before you truly know what your blog will become. Therefore, your name might be something like “Healthy Eats” but you find out you actually like writing about organization and house décor instead of recipes.

After making multiple blogs myself, I have learned that blogs go through continual growth and sometimes the name you pick doesn’t really fit the blog anymore. I have also learned there are points you should consider that first-time bloggers would never think about.

In this post, I have laid out the process I go through each time I start a new blog to help you ensure the name you pick can grow with the blog and really fits it.

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First, lets define the types of blogs

While you might not be 100% positive about what you want to blog about, knowing the type of blogs that you can start will help. It will give you some ideas on what is possible and what type you might want to pursue. Therefore, you can pick your name with this in mind. I will highlight naming strategies for each type throughout the post.

The majority of blogs can fit into one of three categories. They can be:

  • Lifestyle
  • Specific or Multiple Niches
  • Services


This type of blog is where you write about anything and everything with the one common thread being you. It’s your experiences, your knowledge, hence your lifestyle. If you like to write and share personal stories, then this is a good fit. If you have no idea what you want to write about, starting as a lifestyle blog isn’t a bad idea. You can start by writing on a broad range of subjects and once you find a niche you like, you can start writing in just your niche.

Specific or Multiple Niches

A lot of blogs focus on only one subject or a group of related subjects or a group of subjects that are not related at all. For instance, you might know you want to start a blog in sewing (niche) or in sewing, woodworking and painting (related). Another example is that you really love cooking and traveling and want to write in both niches (non-related).

Content in the niche doesn’t have to be about you. Most of the time, it is written in first person and personal experience is weaved in, but most of the content is informational.

If there is something that you are always learning about, reading about or doing, then that might be your niche.

Another reason people pick specific niches is they want their blog to be about what they are credentialed in. For instance, you might want to create a pregnancy blog if you are a labor and delivery nurse.


If you are a professional such as a photographer, virtual assistant, freelancer, life coach, etc. then a blog is a great way to offer your services and attract clients or even teach people your trade.

Ensure your blog name covers these basic guidelines

When you decide to consult the great wide world web on this topic, you will find a lot of general advice that doesn’t really help you pick the actual name. However, this general advice is valid. So before continuing, let’s cover the quick bullet points that any good blog name should have.

  • Don’t use special characters
  • Don’t use numbers
  • Don’t use your name if it’s difficult to spell
  • Don’t make it too long. (4 or less words)
  • Only use a .com

Finally, let’s actually pick a blog name

Now is the time to start the brainstorming process, so get your pen and paper out. As you work through this list, check if the domain name ideas you come up with are available by checking them here. Once you pick yours, you can also purchase it through that same site.

1. The Personal Name Option

A lot of times, people will use their name simply because it is an available domain name, they can write in any category or more specifically they want to start a lifestyle blog. However, if your last name is 20 letters long and impossible to spell then don’t use it. Here are some choices:

First and last name (

First name with a greeting such as ( or

Your name along with an adjective or verb or credential (, or

If you want to do a lifestyle “mom” blog where you share about your family, another option is pairing your last name with an adjective or noun (,,

2. Niche Word Options

If you know the subject you plan on writing in, then start by writing down every related word (nouns, adjectives and verbs). If you are having trouble thinking of words, use google to get synonyms of the words you can think of.

3. Who is your audience? Options

Another way to find a good blog title is to think of your audience.

Maybe you want to start a mom blog. An excellent title would be something that moms can relate to (coffee, carpools, etc) or something that describes mom life (messy, joyful, etc). Make a list (nouns, adjectives and verbs) and then mix and match (,

Maybe you are going to start a food blog. Who is your audience? Is it going to be for people trying to eat healthy, people trying to save money or people trying to bulk prep? Make a list of words that describe the goals of those people.

4. Does your writing have a theme? Options

Another way to get more word ideas on your blog is to think if your writing will have a common theme, vibe or impression? Make a list of words that you think will fit with you and your writing such as smart, practical, realistic, etc. Then mix and match with words from the other categories such as or

5. Idioms, rhyme or phrase options

One goal of a blog title is for it to be memorable and a great way of accomplishing this is to use a common idiom or phase. Make a list of some of your favorite idioms or phrases. Next try to see if you can switch out one or more of the words for a word that describes your niche.

An example would be instead of “all dolled up” use “all babied up” for a mom blog about pregnancy and babies. In the case of lifestyle blog, try switching out one of the words for your name.

6. The random option

Still not having any luck? You can always go with a random option where you pick two random words. This usually is an adjective noun ( or verb noun () combination. Random can work really well. It is hard to find a domain name that is available and is only two words. Using this technique will increase your chances. This is also a safe bet if you have no idea what you want to write about.


Now that you have a process to choose your blog name, go out there and get started! Once you do, learn some of the basic essentials behind generating traffic, conquering SEO, and building an email list.

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